Historical Ownership & Exploration Information


The historical drilling at Wray Mesa was conducted by Atlas Minerals and Pioneer Uravan from 1976 to 1983, and included approximately 500 drill holes,  defining uranium-vanadium mineralization in three areas, Dylan, Ajax and Whiskey.  Unfortunately, JL Energy LLC only has a limited number of drill logs for the historical drilling, and only drill intercept information for the holes ddrilled in the Dylan resource area.

Several major companies were active at the historical mines in the region including Homestake, Rio Algom, Atlas Minerals, and Union Carbide.  Denison Mines is the most active major company at present in the immediate area, and there are a number of Junior companies conducting uranium exploration in the region.

Past Exploration and Development

Numerous exploration drillholes were completed at the various current exploration targets on the Wray Mesa Uranium Exploration Project, including the Ajax, Whiskey and Dylan areas.

The details of the historical drilling are not documented.  What little knowledge we have of the historical drillholes is derived from maps showing locations, and drilled mineralized intercepts.  Typical for uranium explortaion drilling in the 1970’s was the use of conventional rotary drilling and gamma logging for eU3O8 determintion.  It is not known if there was historical core drilling done at the various exploration targets on the Wray Mesa Project.

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